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Autumn Colors Mirror

I try to  re-use as many materials as possible in my work. I will find items at yard sales, thrift stores, etc. and incorporate them into my work. It makes me feel good to save something from the landfill and add a bit of color to the world at the same time. Both this piece and […]

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Blue Curves

Another of my first attempts at playing with broken glass, “Blue Curves” was created with glass beads, stained glass and mosaic tiles. It’s also functional since there is a mirror in the center (kinda hard to tell from the picture, but that’s what it is). My inspiration here was Celtic art, as I am a […]

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Angry Bird Mosaic – Pilot Project

This was a piece my son and I started together last summer. The design was his choice (I know that’s a surprise). Needless to say, he quickly lost interest after the “let’s break stuff with a hammer” portion of the project was behind us. It turned out pretty nice though, and I decided to try my […]

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