CIMG2205aHi, my name is Lisa, I’m a single mom and House of the Rising Cat is the business I started in the fall of 2012. The name (as you may have guessed) was inspired by the song House of the Rising Sun. Since I have cats, and none of them think that sleeping in is an option, well, you get the idea. A little about me. I’m snarky. I’m talented. And I am very, very particular. And although I have mad skills, mind-reading is not one of them. So don’t ask me to do a reading for you, ok?

What, you might ask, is the House of the Rising Cat? The answer may surprise you!

When I started HRC, I wanted to do something with the piece of paper I have (BFA in Fine Art) and my new hobby (mosaics). When I say try and do something, I mean make money.

My job went away in November 2011 ( I am guessing it went somewhere fun , like the Bahamas). I loved my job and I miss my boss and my co-workers, but reality dictated that I do something else. Reality is a funny thing. It takes you out of your comfort zone and says, “Hey! What the heck are you gonna do now?” So here I am, a long time away from a job I liked, trying to get my own gig off the ground. It’s not easy. Most of my recent work has been tech related – working on WordPress websites, blogging, social media, etc. I have some great people I am working with right now and am thankful for the opportunities that have come my way.

My focus in college was painting but lately I seem to be obsessed with playing with broken glass….SHINY!! Here you will find (hopefully) some interesting and inspirational topics which will, for the time being, be focused around my mosaic creations. I am trying to incorporate pictures to show the progression on some of these pieces, since I find this interesting, and it may be useful to anyone who is also working on similar projects. Most of these pieces are for sale, and I will also take commissions if you have an idea in mind that you would love to have rendered in mosaic.

This site and my creations are a work in progress, so check back often for updates!