Angry Bird Mosaic – Pilot Project

Angry Bird

This was a piece my son and I started together last summer. The design was his choice (I know that’s a surprise). Needless to say, he quickly lost interest after the “let’s break stuff with a hammer” portion of the project was behind us. It turned out pretty nice though, and I decided to try my hand at some other mosaic projects.

I had never done mosaics before this, so I had to do some research before I started. The library was a great source for books on ideas and techniques. I checked out almost every book they had, and began reading and getting ideas on what materials and techniques I wanted to use.

After I felt confident that I knew what I was doing, we began working on the design and collecting materials for the project. We spent a lot of time going to second hand stores to find the right color plates to use (tiles were only available in a few colors) but eventually we did complete our palette.

I have to say I have not used a definitive design in every one of my pieces (many are random, based on what colors i feel like working with that day), but it helps to get you going and it was like going on a scavenger hunt to find the right color tiles for this one.

I like looking back on how a mosaic transforms from design through completion so I try to take pictures whenever I can. Anyone who has ever tried to photograph artwork knows that can be challenging, and photographing glass is even more annoying. Another learning curve! Awesome! I thought it would be interesting to see the progression of the project. Here are a few ongoing steps for the Angry Bird.

So that’s how the first one turned out. Honestly, it was harder to get the pictures right and into this post than it was to get this project finished! More to come, stay tuned!

Size:  12″ x 12″

Private collection. Please visit my ETSY Shop to see other pieces for sale.



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