Blue Sea Glass Mosaic Jar

SeaGlassJar5.jpgThis jar incorporates the best of both worlds in making art.  The jar itself is re-purposed (in it’s first life it was a candle) and the sea glass most likely did something else before it was sea glass. Maybe not. But I like to think so.

One thing that is different about this piece is the adhesive I chose. Usually I use ceramic tile adhesive. In this case I used a clear craft glue so I did not compromise the translucent sea glass.

Another thing you may have noticed is that this is ROUND. Yes, that did present a challenge, for several reasons.

The first problem was laying out the glass so that the patterns and colors worked properly. Not all things are random! I used a piece of paper to trace the surface area of the jar I wanted to cover, then laid out the glass onto the pattern.

The next obvious issue is that the round jar wanted to roll around while I was gluing the sea glass. The other problem was the glue (being semi-fluid) wanted to pretend it was S. Dali and run down the curvy surface of the jar. I resolved the first dilemma by propping the jar in place with two kneaded erasers (you know, the gray ones that you play with like Silly Putty?), one on either side. This worked extremely well. The slip-n-slide factor required more attention. I glued one small section at a time and had to keep checking and shifting pieces back into place as the glue set.

All in all, a rather simple yet decorative, and re-purposed piece!

Size:  5.5″ x 4″

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