Cat Moon Rising Stained Glass Mosaic


This is a fairly simple design, and I executed the piece a little differently than I have some of the others. First of all, I tried to place the glass as close together as possible. I wasn’t sure how this would work when it came time to grout, as I have in the past intentionally left space between the tesserae for the grout. Turns out, it worked great. I like the look of the patterns created with the glass and for anyone who has done mosaics before, you know that the patterns are as important to the overall design as are the colors you choose and the design elements of the piece.

Since I have been collecting seed beads with the idea of using them in grout lines, I tried that here. The cat silhouette is outlined with silver seed beads. I had some issues the last time I tried using beads (Pink Rose Tray) with the glass beads getting scrubbed clean of their color during the grouting process. So this time, I added the beads after I grouted. Before the grout completely dried I removed the grout from the area I wanted to bead. Then I used clear glue in the grout line and placed the beads in the glue. This technique is going to need some refining. The glue got kind of globby and I had to clean it off of the beads (they got cloudy, and well, cloudy will NOT work – must be shiny!). Next attempt I am going to try using a fine tip applicator for the glue and hope that makes it easier. We’ll see.

In case you haven’t picked up on the title, it’s another play on a song (yes! some of you connected the Cat Moon Rising to Bad Moon Rising, did you? Awesome!). I was driving around one afternoon on errands while I was working on this piece and the song came on the radio. Sometimes it’s just that easy. In case you didn’t figure it out, don’t feel bad. Next time you’ll be looking for it and I won’t have to tell you :

Size:  10″ x 12″

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