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Cat Moon Rising Stained Glass Mosaic

This is a fairly simple design, and I executed the piece a little differently than I have some of the others. First of all, I tried to place the glass as close together as possible. I wasn’t sure how this would work when it came time to grout, as I have in the past intentionally […]

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Pink Rose Picassiette Tray

So, this is another piece that, when finished, really wanted to stay with me and, you know, hold jewelry and stuff for me. ‘Cuz that’s what trays do. But I said, “No, you must go out into the world and make someone else happy.” And the tray was sad. But not really. Because it knew […]

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Red Mosaic Flower Pot with Ivy Border

I started this piece with the idea that I wanted to use the ivy border on a very pretty plate I found to create borders on a red ceramic flower pot. Honestly, once I got the borders done, I had no idea where to go from there. Why am I telling you this? If any […]

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