Pink Rose Picassiette Tray


So, this is another piece that, when finished, really wanted to stay with me and, you know, hold jewelry and stuff for me. ‘Cuz that’s what trays do. But I said, “No, you must go out into the world and make someone else happy.” And the tray was sad. But not really. Because it knew it would have a great life and be useful AND decorative.

This is a simple yet elegant piece that reminds me how much I really like the way picassiette looks when completed. There is something entirely unique about the patterns and feeling of the broken china that appeals to me.

The base is a Reed & Barton stainless steel tray, and the border and center flower are from a lovely china plate I found somewhere (that probably had some chips or cracks, since I don’t like to smash up the ones that are intact…not right away anyway). I filled in the mid-ground with stained glass, and the beads were added just because I thought there needed to be a little more going on there.

There is one thing I will have to mention about the beads I used as this was another experimental piece. The glass beads  – which are beautiful and SHINY when you glue them down? – do NOT survive being grouted over. You can see that I did not in fact use white beads, if you check the progress pictures in the gallery. They were pink and dark pink! I was disappointed but at that stage there was nothing to be done but clean off the rest of the color and go with it. I was glad that I did a small experiment with the beads though, and didn’t end up with that result on a large portion of the design. Then I would have been mad. Note to self here…glue beads on AFTER grouting.

So, if you are looking at this and thinking, well, it’s super cute but what would I use it for? How about a cupcake tray? No I didn’t make this up, it’s an actual suggestion from someone who saw the picture. I think it would make an awesome cupcake tray.

Size:  10-5/8″ x 5-1/8″

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