Red Flower Pot Mosaic

redflowerpot2522785afd631b.jpgThis was a fun project, which (of course) has a story behind it.

I used a terra cotta flower pot for the base, painted and sealed with clear acrylic. Glass beads were used around the top and on the sides to create the “flowers”.

But the part I like best about this piece, is the story. I was out shopping with a friend and we found some treasures at the local second hand stores. We were in search of flower pots that day, and my friend had found one that would work to replant some herbs in her kitchen. As luck would have it, on the way out of the store, she dropped the bag with the Great Find in it. In her defense, the reason she dropped it was because her son tripped and would have fallen, had she not let go of the bag to catch him.

We picked up the broken pieces of the pretty pot and I decided to keep them (since the whole idea behind this madness I call art involves broken stuff). Anyway, her birthday was coming up so I decided to decorate a new flower pot for her using the shards of the purchased-but-not-utilized item.

The moral of this story is, don’t cry over broken flower pots, they can be reborn into something even more beautiful.

Size: 5″ tall x 7″ diameter

Private collection. Please visit my ETSY Shop to see other pieces for sale.


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