Rising Cat Mosaic


This piece is a culmination of several things. I was playing around with some designs for a logo for the House of the Rising Cat, and this was one of the images I came up with. Truthfully, it wasn’t what I designed for the logo originally, but after I did the mosaic, I decided this was it!

I used iridescent tiles for the background and stained glass for the cat figure. Anyone who has done mosaics knows that it’s important to first of all frame the piece or it just runs off the ground. Next, it’s helpful to create a pattern in the background. This will add to add to the intricacy of the design by drawing the eye in different directions.

I love the muted colors in this piece (which is not done justice by the natural lighting) and the fact that the iridescent tiles reflect many more colors than are actually represented in this photograph. I took a few pictures before grouting the piece, indoors with flash, that rendered a completely different result. Take a look.

Size:  9.25″ x 7″

Private collection. Please visit my ETSY Shop to see other pieces for sale.



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