Small Purple Table with Mosaic Top

PurpleTable6.jpgI found this little table one weekend, and like a few other pieces that are awaiting refurbishing, it cried out for a mosaic top! Not literally, but it seemed like it really needed something to bring it to the next level. Since the real estate here was limited to a 12″ x 12″ area, I decided to use “pique assiette” (or picassiette) which refers to a form of mosaic design that incorporates shards of broken plates or pottery.

I also used method this in the Angry Bird piece, since I could only locate some of the colors in the tile section of the do-it-yourself stores. The remainder were plates that we found in thrift stores. I actually have a decent collection of pique assiette material by now, since I keep an eye out for interesting plateware in my travels. I also have a box that I am calling “Things My Cats Have Broken” which is dedicated to some of my favorite coffee cups, etc, that have met an untimely end. To be fair, I may have broken some of these items. But the cats really have broken the rest, and seriously, do they need to be in the kitchen cabinets? But back to the table.

The table is solid wood, and has been painted and sealed to protect the finish. The grout has been sealed as well. The mosaic came from two plates. It can be tricky breaking the plate to preserve the patterns, and is something that takes both practice and luck. The quality and nature of the glassware can considerably affect how the breaks occur.

Size:  12″ x 12″ x 21.5″

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