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Pink Rose Picassiette Tray

So, this is another piece that, when finished, really wanted to stay with me and, you know, hold jewelry and stuff for me. ‘Cuz that’s what trays do. But I said, “No, you must go out into the world and make someone else happy.” And the tray was sad. But not really. Because it knew […]

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Pink Lily Stained Glass Mosaic

Here’s a first – this time, when I was making a mosaic, I made two of them. No, they’re not identical twins. You may not be able to tell the difference between them, but as their mom, I can. Trust me, they’re fraternal twins. The REASON  I made two, is that I was making one […]

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Small Purple Table with Mosaic Top

I found this little table one weekend, and like a few other pieces that are awaiting refurbishing, it cried out for a mosaic top! Not literally, but it seemed like it really needed something to bring it to the next level. Since the real estate here was limited to a 12″ x 12″ area, I […]

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